1)     Have a child, you’ll definitely make a difference to them, good or bad

2)     Contribute to a domestic abuse center

3)     Better yet, volunteer at one

4)     Smile to complete strangers

5)     Hold the door for people, this simple act of kindness is often neglected.

6)     If someone gives you the wrong  change, be honest with them

7)     Tip the pizza delivery guy more than he’s expecting

8)     Volunteer at your kid’s school.

9)     Join Big Brother and Big Sisters

10)  Forgive someone

11)  Forgive someone who really doesn’t deserve it

12)  Give nice clothing to a children’s shelter. Better yet, NEW clothing. Socks and underwear are always in short supply.

13)  Anonymously mail a struggling family a night out. Movie tickets, gift card for a meal

14)  Sponsor a child, it’s very cost-effective

15)  Play cheerful music at home, it will help your mood and improve those around you.

16)  Volunteer at a literacy program

17)  Volunteer at your library

18)  Adopt an unwanted pet

19)  Foster and train a puppy that will be used as an assistance animal

20)  Teach children to embrace peace

21)  Join and or financially support organizations who work for peace

22)  Send a note of appreciation for something someone has done for you

23)  Support organizations who oppose violence in children’s television

24)  Turn OFF the TV

25)  Do an unexpected chore, best yet do someone else’s chore anonymously

26)  Tickle your significant other

27)  Plant a tree

28)  Attend a benefit concert

29)  Mentor a child

30)  Freely praise other people

31)  Be active in a parent teacher group (if of course you ARE a parent)

32)  Volunteer with Girl Scouts

33)  Volunteer with Boy Scouts

34)  Give a book to a child

35)  Know how AIDS is transmitted, and speak up when someone is wrong about this

36)  Drink Responsibly, stay off the road, and you’re sure to improve COUNTLESS lives around you

37)  Forgive your own wrongdoings, you’ll be better able to extend that to others

38)  Volunteer with Meals On Wheels

39)  Set up a recycling center at your house, and use it

40)  Learn First Aid and CPR from your local Red Cross, you never know

41)  Sign your organ donor card

42)  Bake cookies and take them to the local fire station

43)  Make a care package for a shut in, better yet, take it to them and stay awhile

44)  Have a teddy bear drive for the police in your area, call them first to ask what they need

45)  Put your trash where it belongs, be mindful of others and our planet

46)  Shop at local business

47)  Start a book club

48)  Donate clothing and other items to charity, this helps you as well, PURGE

49)  Volunteer for Special Olympics

50)  Remember that the voice telling you that you CAN’T do something, is lying