Last year I helped with a campaign and fund raising in SecondLife (my former alternate universe that I will soon tell you about)

Still, I did not schedule

This time, this month, I am going to ask you all to hold me accountable for scheduling a mammogram.  I’m giving myself until January, for insurance purposes. However I’m looking around for other screening options in the meantime.  I haven’t been to the Dr., any Dr. for a very long time. (how’s that for a bold confession?) So, I hereby give you permission and ask that you follow through with helping me follow through?

I’m also going to ask you to partner along with me in that decision. If you haven’t been checked, GO.

I’ll hold your virtual hand, and you hold mine?

I am so appreciative of the comments I’ve received and the feedback that’s already coming. It’s inspired me to write more, and I have some pieces in the works for you.

Thank you, graciously, thank you.