Nah, in all honesty I love the autumn and it’s colder temperatures. I’m thrilled to be comfy and cozy in a fuzzy sweater. It just amused me that it set in almost over night here in Kansas.

This morning, I was greeted by a short email notice from my husband. That might not seem significant, but for us, it absolutely is. In fact, I’d say it’s vital. We have a lot of people in our home, and a lot of busy things to do. Some nights we collapse in bed, with barely a “good night”, so when I wake to a love note it definitely makes me feel more connected and more in tune with my relationship. Marriage is a long term commitment to be friends, right? So what happens when you don’t make time for your friends?

My beloved and I have had some real rocky patches in our years together, and some of them are caused by forgetting that we are friends.

Today, I’m going to remember.

I’ll remember several times throughout the day, just because he took a few minutes to tell me that he believes that I am beautiful, and that he loves me.

Can’t beat that huh?