A blanket statement from my not-yet-caffeinated mind.
Trends in life are on a pendulum swing.
Right now, American society is in the middle of a swing that I hope may settle down into a rational path.

There was a time when a young man would not curse in the presence of a woman or child.
There was a time when a young man knew that if he were to speak ill of a young woman in a certain way, and that young woman happened to have a protective brother or father, the young man would know he’d answer for his words.

There was a time when children grew up being taught that their actions have consequences. Parents would allow the children to deal with the consequences. Now, they are taught that they are protected by an inborn right to do as they please.

There was a time that parents respected teachers; there was a time that more teachers conducted themselves in a respectful manner.

I am not sure where my thoughts are headed, but I know that I see things that confuse me every day.
The pendulum swing, between tolerance and accountability really needs to settle. My fear is that it will not. It’s only just beginning.