More than we would care to, a group of friends and I have had to say goodbye to a “mostly online” friend.  Several years ago, I began writing and interacting with people on a site called  Many of us, myself included, left there quite some time ago. Some have maintained these friendships through email, facebook and some certainly have move to face-to-face time.  Mark and I have been so lucky to meet two families through this site, the Countryman’s and the Hardison’s, both families have remained very dear to us.  For me personally, there are a few people who I consider to be my ‘go to’ friends.  When I’m overwhelmed or struggling, I trust them to hold my confidences.

I’ve previously blogged about these friendships and the losses we’ve been dealt.  We all grieved two unexpected losses with a friend Terry and a friend Soren.  Today’s loss may not have come as unexpectedly, but I have been reading sorrow filled posts all day.  Sorrow, sadness, mourning…all emotions left for the living.  The thing is, with this one exquisite lady, I find an undertone of celebration and respect for the type of person she was.  I did not know her as well as many, but I know of her well enough to know she was extremely quick-witted, honest, catty and divinely funny.

So today, this blog post is in her honor. Dame Ruth Dickson, thank you for blessing the lives of so many of my very dear friends.  Joyous Journey, fine lady.