I had a conversation with my young grandson today. We were in the grocery store and he told me that he thought I was mean. Well of course he can think I’m mean, that doesn’t bother me, I knew why he said it and I know that at 3, although he has an amazing vocabulary, he still doesn’t have the ability to accurately put emotions in to words. My comment to him was this, “Brastin once you say words you can not unsay them”.


It’s something that runs through my mind every time I yell at my children, or forget to be as kind as I should. My health and my emotional state right now, are not very conducive to happy chatter. I am trying really hard to focus on the needs of a very large family. Those words though, have been running through my mind all afternoon.


Once you say words, you can not unsay them.


How life might have been different for me, if the director of education at the church I used to attend, had never told me that I talk too much.


How life might have been different for me, if my music teacher never told me that I really shouldn’t sing.


How life might have been different for me, if the Coach Carr had never asked his star player why he was speaking to ‘someone like me’ (asked so tactfully and loudly in front of the entire home room class).


How life might have been different for me, if no one ever told me that I just never seemed to live up to my potential. Maybe I am not done living up quite yet.


My point is, that we all already know that words can’t be unsaid.


I only hope that I can not only help my children and grandchildren learn to be more mindful of what they say. I also hope as I attempt to teach them, perhaps I can relearn myself.


Life is tough for us right now, and kindness is being forgotten.


Looking forward to some better days with “You can’t unsay them” as my mantra.